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Level of confidence, as this presentation are members of confidence. The highest scores are more comments, is one by author, expert in game and have good thumb comments comments on the site. OK, here is the easiest way, dp, and ExpFirst, which has unlocked the Nova (a blue Obelisk). It is a Duelist with the design of the group. Only with a good terrace and duel burning LP make free screen duel with early 2000 LP. A monster like Verhaps Raider good use for your cards of bridge as large fire x3Restructer old man x3Poison x3Okazaki x3Hinotama x3And revolution. When it comes to friends, friends with Jaden and his level of confidence for the most trust jacker warrior forum important application can handle a duel of the day. If you want to tag duel with Jaden, must use an elemental hero deck. It is probably the most effective, because both have the same type of bridge. While the game of the duel, if you cure in hand, then Jaden with his monsters. Or use it right away if you have Monster fusion material. Make sure that you have the hero and the skyscraper. A basic fee would not be not bad. .